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בית חיל האוויר , הרצליהמפה מצורפת


Dr. Fernando de la Vega , Simon Fried

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Digital Additive Mass Production Processes in the Production of Electronics – PV Nano Cell Ltd. Approach

The most common production processes in the industry today, to produce electronic devices are photolithography

etching and additive screen printing (in some cases also roll to roll printing processes like gravure). While during the past twenty years electronics have changed dramatically, still the same production processes are been used with marginal improvements. These processes all analog process, in our view, are at the edge of their limitations–width and thickness of the patterns up to the limit, environmentally unfriendly, and becoming less cost efficient. These constrains are already limiting factors to produce: thinner and flexible electronics, customized electronics new designs in electronics and quick changes in designs.The concept of implementing Digital Printed Electronics to replace the analog production processes has been around for years, but until now been implemented only in R&D and prototyping. The main barriers to implement these digital processes in industrial environments have been that the available inks for conductive printing are quality wise not suitable for mass production applications and also non competitive with very high prices and mass production printers have not been available – a classical chicken and the egg situation. In this lecture we will present PV Nano Cell’s approach and activities leading the world and the industry in to digital mass production of electronic devices era. Concepts and examples together with the history of the company will be shared.


3D Printing Multilayer PCBs and Circuitry

The talk will touch upon the histories of 3D printing and Printed Electronics. The convergence of these two disciplines leads directly to functional 3D printing which enables new ways of doing old thing such as rapid prototyping and new ways of doing new things such as novel circuit structures and geometries as well as mechanical and component flexibility.

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Dr. Fernando de la Vega - Digital Additive Mass Production Processes in the Production of Electronics


Coffee Break


Simon Fried - 3D Printing Multilayer PCBs and Circuitry



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