SoS Joint Simulation & Semantic Mediation

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בית חיל האוויר , הרצליהמפה מצורפת

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Complex Systems is a new approach to science that studies how relationships between parts give rise to the collective behaviors of a system and how the system interacts and forms relationships with its environment.
SoS Joint Simulation - The motivation for our topic is the need to solve large integrated modeling and simulation engineering problems (many simulation tools, different model formats, and the need to integrate multiple tools and formats for simulation).

The meeting will cover the herein topics:
Simulation - Introduction
Definitions; Modeling & Simulation – the chalange of Complex Systems Engineering; system’s simulation and types of simulations; life cycle support simulations; Siumulations market development; “Good” simulation criteria; Best Practices.
SoS Joint Simulation Based on FMI/FMU
FMI/FMU - Functional Mock-up Interface is a standard to interface simulations made in different tools in the same co-simulation.
Semantic Mediation
Transformation from one model semantic (language) to another model semantic. The source model and destination model can reside on different tools.

סדר היום:


התכנסות ונטוורקינג


Simulation – introduction, Dr Israel Feldman


SoS Joint Simulation Based on FMI/FMU,
Eldad Palachi & Daniel Wadler


הפסקת קפה ונטוורקינג


SoS Joint Simulation Based on FMI/FMU,
Eldad Palachi & Daniel Wader (Cont.)


Semantic Mediation, Dr. Uri Shani

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מר צבי לדנו - מנטור הקבוצה
פרופ' מוטי פרנק - נשיא INCOSE_IL
מר משה סלם - מנכ"ל אילטם