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Randy Flinders

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Overview and news about the EU REACH regulation, including detailed information on compliance with Annexes XIV and XVII, impacts of changes to the definition of as “Article”, and best practices for a cost effective, intelligent approach to REACH Compliance. The event will wrap up with an open Q&A session for attendees to have an opportunity to ask questions about any and all aspects of product environmental compliance.

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EU REACH Overview 

  • About GreenSoft – Who we are what we do
  • Areas of Concern for Article Procucers
  • The SVHC Candidate List
  • REACH Annex XIV
  • REACH Annex XVII
  • Producer Resonsibilities
  • Q&A


Coffee Break


Best Practices for REACH Compliance

  • Review of REACH Compliance concerns facing article producers
  • FMD – Benefits and Limitations of Full Material Declarations
  • Best Practices for SVHC Compliance Validation
  • Best Practices for REACH Annex XIV and XVII Compliance Validation
  • Changes to the definition of an “Article.”
  • Open Forum Session – Any/All topics