System Engineering

The Israeli Society for Systems Engineering (INCOSE_IL) is acting to promote Systems Engineering issues and to be a focal point for the coordination and collaboration between industry, academy and government agencies by means of:

    • Promotion of creation and distribution of Systems Engineering knowledge
    • Encouragement of collaboration between industry companies
    • Cultivation of academic education 
    • Establishment of Israel as a leader in the discipline of SE

The Israeli Society for Systems Engineering (INCOSE_IL) was established in the year 2000 and acts as part of ILTAM (Israeli Organization of Users of Advanced Technologies). Its membership includes leading Israeli organizations such as Indigo, HP, Orbotech, Elbit, IAI, Rafael, Elop, Comverse, IMI, Technion, IDF and more.

In addition to bi-annual SE conference, the Society holds professional seminars with participation of leading practitioners from Israel and abroad, professional meetings, visits to various companies performing high quality SE.

Several Workgroups are active at any given time and are focused on various aspects of SE. The INCOSE_IL publishes a professional magazine with content relevant to SE application, research and knowledge creation.