Model-Based Configuration Management of Constantly Evolving Systems

Continuous and constant system evolution poses various challenges due to the fact that the system already functions while various parts of it are simultaneously being developed, deployed, operated, and maintained. Constantly evolving systems can be found in legacy domains, such as space and public infrastructure programs on the one hand, and technological frontiers like cloud computing, social networks, nanotechnologies, and the Internet of Things. Systems from these two seemingly disparate and culturally different domains face common challenges of complex configuration management, functionality introduction and withdrawal, and continuous integration, legacy alongside modern technology and process coexistence.

We propose a framework to accommodate and manage such diverse aspects on the basis of a unified, adaptive, multi-phase system model. Utilizing Object-Process Methodology (OPM) as an underlying modeling framework, the proposed framework enables deriving specialized and cross-functional views to help manage these aspects. The framework extends the traditional scope of system models to cover aspects of phase transition, deployment, configuration and interdependence. We demonstrate the applicability of the framework on a hypothetical ballistic missile defense system, such as the Iron Dome, based on publicly available information

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