Accelerated Life Tests Design Guidelines

The lecture will focus on a recommended procedure for preparing and conducting an ALT (Accelerated Life Test) using a guided template. This guided template starts with an "Overview" where the user has to fill in the 'Test Rationale', 'Test Objectives' additional data such as UUT (Unit Under Test) catalogue number, etc. The next paragraph deals with the "Test Method", including detailed data regarding the 'Operating Modes of the UUT in the system', 'UUT utilization in the system', 'UUT Failure Modes', 'Operating Condition of the UUT during the test', 'Environmental Condition of the UUT during the test', 'Accelerated Factor' and the 'Expected Test Duration'. A special paragraph is dedicated to the 'Test Set-Up' description (structure, resources and location).

Instruction of how to perform the test regarding what parameters should be measured, how often and when to terminate the test, can be found in the 'Test Performing' paragraph. The 'Analysis' section is basically the data gathered during the test, an intermediate and final test results as well as recommendation based on the test results. In the appendix, a flow chart that will help the user decide on the test duration will be presented including software tools. Along with the presentation, a real test example will be demonstrated

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