Detailed Examination of IP and Allied Issues in the High Technology Legal Landscape

Instructor: Michael M. Krieger, PhD Mathematics, former Computer Science Professor, and Attorney-at-Law, Los Angeles, CA, USA


This tutorial goes into detail about what you need to know about high technology intellectual property (IP) and allied issues if you are trying to market a new high technology product in the US. The tutorial focuses on what a young and/or non-U.S. company needs to know and traps it should avoid in this marketing. It describes the four kinds of IP protection, copyright, trademark, trade secret, and patent. For trade secret protection, the tutorial describes how to enforce the protection with effective non-disclosure agreements. The tutorial discusses the business side and strategic issues in the patent landscape. It considers contracts, including on alternatives, beside prayer, for dealing with a BigCo saying ``You have to use our (one-sided) form.'' Finally, the tutorial explains how to choose lawyers to help you and the realities of litigation.