Session 3.3 - Continuous Deployment

Chair: Ran Tavory, Invi, Israel

Session Abstract

Continuous Deployment is the method of deploying new code to production in a fully automated way with minimal latency between implementation-time and code-meets-users-time. CD takes agile to its next level where typically new code is deployed multiple times a day with minimal effort, fully automated and perhaps surprisingly - reduced risk. CD is described as one of the techniques of The Lean Startup, even though it's not limited to startups and we see example implementations in companies of different sizes.

For organizations used to traditional workflows such as waterfall or even agile techniques, CD usually means a change in culture as well as introduction of new tools and methodologies. We will cover both aspects from the experience of two established startups, outbrain and wix. 

Lecture Title: Outbrain's cultural for Continuous Deployment

Speaker: Mr. Itai Hochman, outbrain

Lecture Abstract: One of the bigger challenges when implementing CD is getting used to different work procedures, taking responsibility of subjects otherwise not taken by some individuals, developing and working with a fully automated operational toolchain, and in general a cultural switch for many of the day to day development and operational tasks. Itai, head of the engineering team at outbrain, will describe some of these challenges and their resolution at outbrain.


Lecture Title: Outbrain's toolchain for Continuous Deployment

Speaker: Mr. Ran Tavory, outbrain

Lecture Abstract: Implementation of CD calls for a cultural shift as well as a set of automation tools which include a build toolchain, deployment automation tools, an imune system, monitoring etc. Ran will describe the tools used by outbrain, some of which were developed in-house, and some are open source or off the shelf tools. 
Ran will also describe some of the industry's best practices for CD implementation. 


Wix learnings from Continuous Deployment

Speaker: Mr. Yoav Abrahami, wix

Lecture Abstract: Yoav will describe wix's motivation to move to a CD, how the model was implemented and the impact on Wix R&D. Yoav will concentrate on what wix had learned during the transformation and the unexpected change in working with product and the rest of the company.


Speakers Biographies


Ran Tavory is a full stack software developer with experience in web, mobile and infrastructure from Microsoft, Google, YouTube, outbrain. Ran has implemented a Continuous Deployment system at outbrain and is a well regarded expert in this field in Israel. Ran has a BSc in software engineering from the Technion and lives in Yoqneam with Efrat and two kids.


Itai Hochman is the VP of engineering of Outbrain since Feb 2008. Prior to Joining Outbrain, Itai was Director of R&D at Schema Ltd a leading provider of multi-vendor RAN optimization & analysis solutions, and premium services for wireless operators. Prior joining Schema in 2003, Itai held various management roles at Bandwiz and VSoft. Itai holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA degree both from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. He resides in Israel with his wife Ruthi and four kids. 

Yoav Abrahami  is the Chief Architect at, working with developers and operations on building wix future products as well as accelerating and improving development processes. Prior to joining, Yoav was an Architect at Amdocs Cramer OSS division. Yoav has a MS in Physics and BS in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.