Tutorial 3.B - Modern Programming Languages


Tzach Livyatan, Director of Product Management in Oracle.
Ittay Dror, CTO, Tikal.
Adi Baron, Tikal.

Tutorial Abstract

Programming languages are evolving since the 40s, but were doing so in a very slow pace. The most widely used programming languages C/C++ and Java are more than 20 year old, and even Ruby and Python are already reaching their tenure. Multi-core architecture, concurrency, web development, domain-specific language (DSL) and additional industry changes are pushing the use of existing programming languages sideways while creating opportunities for new programming languages. We will provide a deeper look at three modern programming languages that make attempts at meeting these new challenges. Out of the many new programming language that have spun lately, we will review three of the more successful: Scala, Clojure, and CoffeScript.
For each programming language we will present:

Our goal is to present these programming languages in such level where the tutorial participants can grasp their usefulness, ease of use, and the basic tools to start using them on practice.




Tzach Livyatan is a Director of Product Management in Oracle, playing a key role in the product definition, requirements, and solutions of the Oracle Communications Global Business Unit. Tzach has more than 15 years of experience in various roles related to software development as a programmer, an architect, a product manager, and a technical manager. Tzach has been exploring and practicing the use of various programming languages across paradigms in complex large scale software projects. Tzach received his MSc and BSc degrees in Computer Science from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. Before holding his current position at Oracle, he was the Director for Systems Engineering of Convergin, focusing on system design and architecture of large scale carrier grade products. Tzach started his early works in LISP, and is also mastering C/C++, Java, Clojure, and other programming languages.


Ittay Dror is CTO at Tikal, a leading provider of tools and experts for software companies, focusing on open source solutions. Ittay has 15 years of experience in all roles of software development, as developer, architect and manager. He loves all aspects of software development, especially, programming languages. Recently, Ittay was a developer in a team of a large company working with Scala for more than 2 years, building an enterprise, production application and enjoying every minute of it.


Adi Baron is a programmer, mentor, active contributor to the open-source community, and a living proof of the ADHD/software-engineering paradigm mismatch. Happily married to my best friend, a proud dad to three great boys, and a passionate drummer.