Session 4.3 - Cyber Security and Cyber Crime

Chair: Michal Blumenstyk-Braverman, GM of Global Solutions, RSA



Session Abstract: The session will survey recent trends in Cyber Crime and their effect on our life. It will discuss and show real life examples that were found by Cyber Intelligence units and analytical systems protecting hundreds of millions of end users.
In this session new defense and offence doctrines that are needed in order to combat Cyber-crime will be presented.


Speakers Biography:

Michal Blumenstyk-Braverman,
RSA, Israel


Michal Blumenstyk-Braverman  is the RSA Israel General Manager and Identity Protection and Verification (IPV) business owner. The IPV suite includes Risk analytics and anti-fraud and CyberCrime products and services and the 24X7 Anti Fraud  Command Center. The IPV cloud has more than  300,000,000 registered users. During Michal’s tenure, RSA Israel grew from 90 to 380 people and the IPV product line became RSA’s second largest business. Blumenstyk-Braverman came to RSA via the Cyota acquisition, where she started in 2003 as the VP of Product Management and later became the Cyota Chief Operating Officer, until RSA acquired Cyota in December 2005. Prior to Cyota, Blumenstyk-Braverman was the VP of Product Development for RadView, Inc., which she joined in December 1995. Prior to that, Blumenstyk-Braverman held various R&D management positions in both Israeli and American companies.  Blumenstyk-Braverman started her career as a student researcher in the IBM’s  T.J. Watson research Center in NY. Blumenstyk-Braverman holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science from Columbia University, where she graduated summa-cum-laude, New York, N.Y. and she graduated the Top Executive Program in Management in the Tel Aviv University, the Recanati Graduate School of Business.


Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski,


Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski is a Cyber Security and Internet studies adjunct professor at TA University and the Chairman of Altal Information Security. He also invests in cyber security start ups and mentors seed R&D projects. Nimrod specializes in proactive security, security design and the regulatory frameworks for cyber security. Nimrod has received his doctorate diploma from Yale University Law School (Thesis: " Toward Proactive Security Paradigm") and researched as a post-doc in the Computer Science department at Yale. Nimrod was a visiting professor for Cyber Crime and Cyber Terror at NY Law School and published books and articles on Cyber Security, Internet Law and online policing. He is also the co-founder of PlyMedia, an online video platform.