ILTAM - The Israeli Users' Association of Advanced Technologies in Hi-Tec Integrated Systems is a non-profit organization, which began its activities in 1993. The Association was established by the industry, for the industry and ILTAM belongs to its members of the Israeli hi-Tec industry.

ILTAM operates in the framework of the MAGNET program, within the Office of The Chief Scientist office at the Israeli Ministry of Economy. ILTAM is sponsored by the MAGNET program.

ILTAM's main goal is to promote, support and encourage companies to assimilate advanced technologies and new methodologies. ILTAM established various work groups of expert members, from different companies, sharing same discipline. The members meet together exchange information, discuss common problems and ideas, and share knowledge and potential solutions. In these open discussions, ILTAM forms a framework for brainstorming which enriches the knowledge of the participants.

ILTAM activities are expressed in the distribution and assimilation of new methods and methodological processes, in Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Software Development Processes, Systems Development Processes and Hardware Development Process.

Since its establishment, ILTAM has steadily increased its roster of participating companies. Today there are more than 100 companies from the high-tech industry in Israel that take part in various activities. ILTAM members participate in more than 30 technical meeting and in more than 10 seminars with international experts organized by ILTAM.

ILTAM ILTAM collaborates with international technological associations, among them INCOSE (in systems engineering), IEEE CS (in software engineering), SMTA (in hardware development and engineering processes), and the System Safety Society.

For more information please visit our website at: www.iltam.org

Moshe Salem

ILTAM General Manager