SwSTE 2010
at Daniel Hotel , Herzlia  

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SwSTE Tradition

IEEE International Conference on
Software – Science, Technology & Engineering
June 15-16 2010
Daniel Hotel, Herzlia, Israel

Co-Sponsored by:

IEEE Computer Society – Israeli Section
ILTAM – Israeli Users’ Association



Scope of Conference: In this age of pervasive computing, new models are emerging for how software is developed and deployed. Agile methodology is being used to quickly and flexibly meet the demand for high quality software in line with business requirements; Cloud computing delivery models are being deployed to better utilize and manage the vast supply of CPU cycles available, and to make it easier to build composite applications by composing individual services; New run-times and development environments are emerging to exploit multiprocessor and embedded architectures. SwSTE10 focuses on these trends in software engineering, technology, and science. It provides a unique opportunity for researchers, scientists, practitioners, and managers from Israel and abroad to meet and share ideas, results, and experience.

Format of Conference:
The two-day conference will include:
   • Keynote talks, presented by well-known software professionals
   • Focused-track sessions, in which selected papers will be presented
   • State-of-the-art tutorials
   • Industrial tracks presenting industrial experience
There will be a Best Paper award, at the opening session of the conference.

Topics of interest:

While all areas of software industry and research will be considered, special emphasis will be given to papers reporting on practical contributions to the areas of software engineering, agile methodology, cloud computing, embedded software development, and exploiting new computing paradigms and architectures.

The SwSTE2010 is pleased to host the SKY Workshop on the Tutorial day (June 16) of the conference.

Software__Knowledge: a shorthand of “Software Knowledge” – is the forum to push-up the current frontiers of complex software interactions. It aims to trigger a novel domain of expertise related to all bidirectional Software__Knowledge aspects. Software is the medium to distil knowledge from raw data.