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SwSTE2010 Conference Summary

SwSTE 2010 Program

250 Software Engineers from Israeli and International arena participated in the
2010 IEEE International Conference on Software – Science, Technology & Engineering!

This biannual conference had the goal of bringing together the academic and industrial communities in Israel, and abroad, to discuss the emerging technical trends that will influence the future of computing.  Once again, we see multiple changes in the computing industry with large ramifications for the future. At the technology level, the emergence of massive multi-core architectures will require dramatic changes in programming models and software development tools. Simultaneously, the advent of cloud computing will offer new economic and technology models for the delivery of software, and promise to radically change the dynamic of enterprise computing.  Finally, computing continues to penetrate and automate more and more domains. There is hardly any human enterprise today, at least in the industrialized nations that do not rely on an underlying software capability.  And the ability to combine embedded software on devices with broad-band communications capacity is creating new applications that sense, monitor, and control large physical systems.

SwSTE 2010 was made up of several tracks exploring these themes and others. In addition to refereed paper presentations, these tracks covered Software Engineering in the Large, Health IT Innovation, and Large Scale Systems Engineering. We heard about how computing will affect water, energy, and missile defense systems and explored Cleantech initiatives, such as the electric car.  We heard about software engineering in the telecommunications, gaming, and defense industries.  We discussed how IT can facilitate the current focus on improving healthcare, and how medical care can be best provided under extreme conditions, such as the recent disaster and relief efforts in Haiti.

We had two outstanding keynote speakers. Dr. Jeff Jaffe, the new Chief Executive Officer of the World Wide Web Consortium, which addressed the conference on the subject of “Secure natural communications”, while Professor Ignacio M. Llorente, Head of the Distributed Systems Architecture Research Group at Complutense University of Madrid, spoke about “Innovation in Cloud Computing Architectures”.

The second day of the conference was made up of tutorial sessions. These included world renowned experts reviewing the state-of-the-art in green data centers, software architecture and design, agile methodology, and role of end-users in search engines. We also hosted the SKY International Workshop.